Monday 14 March 2016

Reasons to holiday in St Kitts and Nevis

I knew very little about these islands. Like most of you, I had known they were in the Caribbean and guessed their economy was largely based on Sugar and tourism.
What I didn’t know was their differences with other islands in the West Indies. Was the scenery more stunning than that of St Lucia? Were the locals friendlier? Was it easier to get to than Barbados?

It is likely that this holiday hot spot is desirable but is it sufficiently different from its promoted sister nations to merit consideration? What it needs is uniqueness and reasons to go now. Non deferability in fact.

Selling Travel provided both factors in their March issue in an article headlined “Celebrating in St Kitts“. It listed six things to do in the islands at different times of the year.

On the 27th of March, the fifteenth annual ocean swim between Nevis and St Kitts is open to all. Two and a half miles of excitement and fun.
In June St Kitts will host a tri-nation cricket tournament featuring the West Indies, South Africa and Australia.
Other events include a music festival, Restaurant week, Latin fiesta and at year end Carnival.

As Selling Travel says: “One of the best ways to experience the colour, personality and culture of St Kitts is to visit the island when a major event or festival is taking place”.

I was sufficiently intrigued to investigate further. Flights from London are regular. Next a call to a travel counsellor and a visit to the website provided the reassurance that the islands were attractive, sufficiently unique and offered things to do for people who wanted more to do than fly and flop.

However these reasons need to be promoted , perhaps by working with British Airways and relevant tour operators initially and if possible by mounting an effective advertising campaign.

Tell prospects about St Kitts and Nevis and they will come.

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